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6 Jamaica Street, Greenock, PA15 1XU
Telephone: 07890 520196


bullet To provide a neutral, safe and controlled environment for a child to see his/her non-resident parent
bullet To be completely impartial and non-judgemental in our dealings with parents
bullet To be totally child-focused where all actions and decisions are made entirely with the well-being and best interests of the child at the forefront

Inverclyde Family Contact Centre was formed in 1994 as a project of the Church of Scotland's former Presbytery of Greenock, following a year of studying a major report to the General Assembly on "Family Matters".

Even back then, the statistics on children involved in divorce were frightening but we knew there were many more children who did not appear in the statistics because their parents were not married. Hearts were just as bruised and possibly even less trusting of each other in their case. At that time, most children were losing contact entirely with their Dads within 3 years of the separation.

We hoped to give a safe place where children could go on seeing their separated parent while Mum and Dad sorted out their own feelings and began to rebuild trust. Almost every congregation of every denomination in the area contributed toys and games to set us going and both Presbytery and the Church provided grants.

Right from the start, we felt the children needed a consistent presence so we have had a paid co-ordinator there every session - a smile everyone recognises and a steady hand to calm overwrought feelings.  Each week, the co-ordinator is assisted by volunteers drawn from a rota who assist by preparing the rooms, providing tea or juice or a different toy.

In 2003, Inverclyde Family Contact Centre became a trust in its own right, although it continues to be supported by the Church of Scotland Presbytery of Greenock and Paisley.

In 2006, the work of Inverclyde Family Contact Centre in the community was formally recognised when it was awarded The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service.

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